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1.Tyre Pressure Monitor system (TPMS)
2.Battery voltage display power module
3.Mirror image setting
4.Rearview mode with 4.5''screen
5.Dual SONY IMX 307 Starvis sensor
6.Smart Cyclometer data record and display function
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VSYS 2CH DVRs are designed especially for motorcycles. Aimed to simplify the use of cameras, for security, and pleasure. Compared to sports action camera, VSYS professional dash cameras are equipped with dual front & rear sync recording cameras, allows you to capture the unexpected accident evidence, and amazing travel scenery.





Mstar 8328

Screen display

4.5'' LCD, 854x480 resolution

Video resolution

Front: 1920x1080; SONY IMX307 Starvis

Rear: 1920x1080; SONY IMX307 Starvis

Camera lens

140° view angle; 6-layer all glass;

Video frame rate


Waterproof Level

IP65(main unit) / IP67(camera module)

camera wire length


Collision G-Sensor

Three-axis stereo collision detection







Mirror Image

Support (Rear)

Loop Recording


Tire Pressure Monitor


Memory Card

TF Card support up to 128GB


English/ French/ Deutsch/Italian/Spanish/Portuguese / T-Chinese/ S-Chinese/ Russian/ Turkish/ Korean/ Japanese

Video Format

MOV (H.264)

Operating Temperature

-15°C-60 °C

Operating Humidity

15%-60% RH


Super capacitor + RTC


What's Include

Main Unit x 1
Front Camera with 2.0m extension cable x 1
Rear Camera with 2.0m extension cable x 1
Wired Controller x 1
Tire Pressure Detector x 2
USB Test Cable x 1
Power Cable x 1
Handlebar Mounting Bracket x 1

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

The add-on TPMS notifies you on the 4.5 inch screen when your vehicle's tire pressure is low/high or temperature is high. By helping you maintain proper tire pressure and temprature, TPMS can increase your safety on the road by improving your vehicle's handling, decreasing tire wear, reducing braking distance and bettering fuel economy. ************************************************ High Pressure Alarm Valve: 3.1 Bar Low Pressure Alarm Valve: 1.8 Bar High Temprature Alarm Valve: 68 ℃

4.5'' LCD & Handlebar Mounting Bracket

Come with a 4.5'' LCD screen of 854x480 high resolution, plus the 360° handlebar mounting bracket, you can easily check the real-time video through the high resolution screen

Mirror and Normal Image

It is possible to turn on the mirror image setting of the rear camera through the menu settings if you need. Then both the image on the monitor and videos in the micro SD card will be displayed as the flip image(left/right).

Display Mode Switch

With a 4.5-inch monitor, you can select the front, rear or side by side (default) display model by short pressing the "down button".

Battery Voltage Display

The dedicated power cable come with the voltage display function, it helps to monitor the health of your vehicle's battery and electrical system in real-time, extend battery life to prevent accident caused by battery problems. ********************************************** Voltage < 12V → Red voltage digital 13.2 >Voltage > 12V → Yellow voltage digital Voltage > 13.2V → Green voltage digital **********************************************

Especially Designed for Bikers

2 channel separated cameras with each standard 2.0~2.5 meters extension cable for front and rear view recording. One on the front and one on the rear of your bike, which will record everything that happens in front of you and behind you at all times. Perfectly fit for motorcycles, scooters, cars, UTV, ATV and any other vehicles.

Superb Image Quality & STARVIS Super Night Vision

Both cameras records in 1920 x 1080 resolution.
● The front camera equipped with SONY IMX307 image sensor and 6-layer all glass, 140° wide-angle fish eye design lens. Brings a super sharp image quality, and crystal clear video.
● The rear camera equipped with SONY IMX307 image sensor,6-layer all glass and 140° wide-angle fish eye design lens. The IMX307 COMS sensor features STARVIS super night vision, which can enhance details in dark surroundings, capture incredible images in low-light environments.

Built-in WiFi with mobile APP

Allows you to view (real time), snapshot, playback and download online wirelessly on your mobile device. APP supports both iOS & Android systems.

Full Body Waterproof Design

IP65 waterproof design for the main unit and other accessories; IP67 waterproof design for cameras. Allows you to use it under any weather condition.

Waterproof Wired Controller

1) Short press any button of wired remote to activate Manual Emergency Mode to snapshot and lock video files. 2) Long press any button to turn off/on the WiFi. 3) Check DVR status from LED indicators of wired remote.

Waterproof GPS Tracker (Optional)

The GPS route and speed will be displayed on Google map when you playback the video in the GPS Player (GV Player).​​ ● The standard package doesn't include the GPS tracker, you can choose the GPS bundle to get bundle price(only on Aliexpress app). ● You can download the GPS player from our official website.

Permanent Power Supply & USB Charging Port

1) Power through motorcycle's battery never need to be charged. No need to worry about charging problem at all.
2) Instant input voltage will be displayed on the power module
3) Provide a 5V/1A USB charging port.

Auto Power On/Off

Start ACC power module: Start/Stop recording while engine on/off
Smart Power module: Start/Stop recording while engine on/off (The DVR will keep recording 3mins then off after the engine off) 

Super Capacitor Design

Without risk of battery explosion and with much longer life compared to lithium battery (with buit-in small RTC battery for time saving only).

Emergency Recording Mode

1) G-Sensor Event Recording: It will automatically activate emergency recording mode when detecting a collision.​ 2) Manual Event Recording: Press the emergency button of wireless remote to manually activate emergency recording mode. NOTE: Video files recorded in emergency mode are protected from being overwritten.

Loop Recording

1) Off: The DVR will keep recording without overwriting (record as 30 minutes per clip) and stop once the storage is full. 2) 1/2/3/5 minutes: The DVR will keep continuously recording as 1/2/3/5 minutes clips by overwriting the previous files.

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