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VSYS 2CH DVRs are designed especially for motorcycles. Aimed to simplify the use of cameras, for security, and pleasure. Compared to sports action camera, VSYS professional dash cameras are equipped with dual front & rear sync recording cameras, allows you to capture the unexpected accident evidence, and amazing travel scenery.


What's Include

Especially Designed for Bikers

2 channel separated cameras with each standard 2.0 meters extension cable for front and rear view recording. Good stability and friendly operation will let you enjoy the ride.

Superb Image Quality

VSYS M6L/M6/P6L/P6 dash cam features Mstar CPU that records at 30 frames per second in front 1920x1080 and rear 1280x720 resolution. And built-in Sony IMX323 CMOS image sensor and 6-layer all glass lens for front camera provides crisp, smooth and wide footage, even in the night.

● The rear camera of P6 is 25fps.

Built-in WiFi & Easy Video Management

Connect to the built-in Wi-Fi and open the 'WiFi Camera' app to seamlessly view, playback, configure, download, or share incredible HD video wirelessly on your mobile device. APP supports both iOS & Android systems.

Waterproof Protection

Both cameras have been related to IP67 Waterproof resistance, plus IP65 waterproof design for cables, wired remote, optional GPS tracker and other accessories. Whether it's rainy or dusty, it works steadily, recording every moment of your journey.

● Please note P6L/P6 main body is waterproof; M6L/M6 main body is NOT waterproof.

High/Low-Temperature Resistance

Premium components materials ensure VSYS dash cam can function in temperature from -10℃ - 65℃. This resistance means that you can continue using the VSYS dash cam wherever you are. Whether in the hot desert or cold regions, keep recording.

Waterproof Wired Controller

1) Show the camera status from LED indicators.
2) Press any one of the button to save 2 photos and a video file named "key 001 002 003...." which won't be overwritten.

Track Your Travels (Optional)

The connected GPS tracker automatically tracks and indexes every journey with speed, coordinate and route, you can easily review the footage through our GPS player.

● M6L doesn't support GPS tracking.
● The GPS player is only compatible with Windows OS.

Automatic Video Recording

The DVR starts automatically with the key ignition and turns off once the bike is not being used.

● Make sure the yellow wire is connected to an ACC power source, such as head light, trail light, horn and others which is associated the ignition.

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Power through motorcycle's battery never need to be charged. No need to worry about charging problem at all.

Up to 256 GB Micro SD Card Support

Support maximum 256GB micro SD card (TF card, NOT include) which allows up to 23 hours recording before overwriting.

Powered by Super Capacitor

The dash cam is powered by super capacitor instead of a lithium battery. In general, super capacitors are more reliable and offer longer lifespans. Compared to batteries, super capacitors will not expand and swell to ruin the device. It is particularly important if you live in an especially cold and hot location. The benefits outweigh those traditional battery-powered devices. It is for sure worth the improved durability and reliability.

Protect Video Evidence

The dash cam will automatically enter REC Mode after powered on, and it can automatically capture unexpected driving accidents and saves video footage of the collision. Your safety and legal rights are always under protection.
You can also press the emergency button of wired remote to manually activate emergency recording mode to lock the video file you want to lock.

● Video files recorded in emergency mode(G-sensor activation & manual activation) are protected from being overwritten.

Loop Recording

The most important thing about a dashboard camera is saving all of the critical footage for later viewing. While the memory card has limited capacity, we have designed the loop recording function to overwrite the oldest file continuously when the SD card is full, so that your device is constantly recording and you never lose the most recent footage.

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