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Vsys Wi-Fi App Instruction

Function :

1. Playback in the App

2. Real time preview/Take videos/Take pictures

3. Set resolution

4. Synchronize the time between your phone and DVR


1.1 Scan the QR code below to download the App

     Android System              iOS System

Note:  Android 5.0 or above is requested

            Only compatible with the Wi-Fi DVR made by Vsys Tech   

1.2 Power up the DVR and wait for the Wi-Fi icon on the screen be changed from  to

1.3 Select the MotoDV_WiFi_M6 and enter password 1234567890 in your Phone Wi-Fi Settings


1.1 Open Vsys WiFi App and the time will be synced automatically while accessing the preview button


1.2 Press (top right in preview mode) to switch front and rear camera preview

1.3 Press (top left in file list mode) to switch front and rear camera video file list

1.4 Press  to access online file list and short press the file name to Open/Save/Delete it

1.5 Landscape mode support full screen view

1.6 Press  to access local file list and short press the file name to Open/Share/Delete it


1.7 Press  to set configurations and press SSID settings to change the name and password of the DVR Wi-Fi


Please read the instructions carefully or contact the dealer if there is any other questions.

Thank you !